Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Welcome to my blog!

Hello everyone! I'm Silvia Violet and for the last 6 months or so I've been writing a Passionate Kitchen column for Changeling Press's free ezine, A Cheeky Changeling. I've enjoyed sharing my love for food with readers of Changeling's erotic fiction, and my column serves as my inspiration for this blog.

I love food - cooking it, eating it, looking through cookbooks and magazines, watching my favorite Food Network chefs at work. Cooking and eating are sensual experiences for me. My husband has often looked at me askance when I've suggested that a certain culinary concoction was as good as sex or at least damn close.

Several years ago, I was given a copy of the Death by Chocolate cookbook for Christmas and as I flipped the glossy pages filled with pictures of luscious chocolate desserts I felt hot and tingly all over. This was my first experience of what foodies refer to as food porn. Now I have a much larger collection of sensual cookbooks, and I see my work as a writer of erotica as a natural pairing with my love of preparing food that delights the senses.

I'm looking forward to sharing my love of food as well as tempting you with tidbits from my stories.



littlelamblst said...

I completely agree with you. Food, both the cooking, serving and eating of it is sensual. Laughed at the food porn term. I read Bon Appetit for the same reason that you did your impressive cookbooks. Love epicurious.com too.

AllyBlue said...

This is awesome, Silvia! Food Porn, LOL! I have some friends you need to meet, they spent 4 HOURS in Whole Foods (I think that's the place...) when we went to Austin last year, ogling all the chocolate and cheeses and stuff. At least they waited til we got back to the hotel to actually grope what they'd bought **grin**

catt said...

Hey Silvia! LOL at food porn, that"s a great way to look at it! i have the same passion for food also. I have all your books either in ebook or print!

buff said...

I must say doing a day of cooking on a wet day sounds great! Today IS such a day here in rainy floroda (yes we do get them now and again!). But then curling up in front of a fire with a glass of wine, some candles, and a good book are also good ways to spend a day like that!

Echo said...

Can I move in with you Sylvia - I have a passion for food also - I love to eat it, but hate to cook it.

Amy said...

Talking about food porn, what foods give y'all "foodgasms"? As in, soooo very yummy that it might almost cause ... well, since this blog is PG, "Better than sex" chocolate cake comes to mind, though I really don't like chocolate flavored stuff - cake, cream pie, ice cream. pudding, etc. I want a candy bar, brownies, or hot chocolate!

Sometimes I just crave meat - I want a thick juicy medium rare steak, with a baked sweet potato. Or the foodgasm could be brought on by chicken with pasta Alfredo (real Alfredo sauce, made only with cream, butter, and cheese). Or mofongo - wow, I've only had it 3 times in my life, but it's a taste you don't forget.

Anyway - Whole Foods has nothing on Jungle Jim's International Market near Cincinnati OH. http://www.junglejims.com/index.cfm It takes hours to explore and is well worth it. We went prepared with a cooler and bought ice there.

Silvia Violet said...

Hi Amy! I definitely know what you mean about foodgasms. I perfectly cooked filet mignon will do that for me anytime as will dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, and really good strong coffee made from freshly ground beans and various pies and cakes.

Jungle Jim's looks very interesting. If I were closer I'd have to plan a trip!

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