Friday, November 17, 2006

Everyday Italian with Giada de Laurentiis

I don't watch much TV, but well over 50% of what I do watch is on the Food Network. My favorite show is Everyday Italian starring Giada de Laurentiis. The way she describes food evokes everything that is sensual about cooking. I love how she gushes over the food she's preparing and find myself running a similar commentary in my head when I'm cooking something particularly rich or aromatic.

I have both her cookbooks, and I highly recommend them, particulary Everyday Italian. I often buy cookbooks that look delightful but only end up making a few recipes out of them, but I find myself returning to hers routinely when I'm planning meals for the week. Her marinara sauce has become a staple in my kitchen. And talk about food porn. The photos in the book would make anyone salivate. Giada knows beautiful food, and she is as lovely as her creations.

Just watching this show was easily enough to give any one a foodgasm, and it airs again today at 1:30.


Earlene Gillespie said...

I watch the food network sometimes too. I like to watch the cake baking contest. There are some weird and funny cakes people come up with. Happy Thanksgiving Sylvia.

GLENNA said...

I like to watch the food network too. Especially when they tell you how different foods are made in factories. I just find that fascinating.

Anonymous said...

I like Food Network as well. You just don't learn how to make dishes but here they come from, where the got their names.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Love food but mostly looking for chinese food cook books. But love spaghetti too it is my comfort food.

Cathy said...

Everyday Italian is the only cooking show we watch in our house. It's my DH who is the family cook, and he has a great time cooking with her recipes. We also have both her cook books,and are always downloading new recipes from the website. His favorite these days is her mac and cheese.